Benidorm has been one of the most impressive success stories of Spanish tourism in the last few decades. But along with rapid growth and development came a reputation for budget tourism and hordes of young British tourists determined to get their money’s worth from their week in the sun. But in recent years, local authorities have been trying to change Benidorm’s image to attract a wider range of tourists. They’ve met with some success and Benidorm is now seen as a more family-friendly destination where the budget goes a lot further than many other resort towns.

Whatever you’re looking for from your holiday, here are some of the key things you need to know to ensure you have a good time and get good value for money.

Why go to Benidorm?

Of course, Benidorm is well known for its bars and nightclubs. Aside from that, it is blessed with miles of beautiful beaches, a charming old town with plenty of restaurants and cafés. Accommodation is very competitively priced and so it can even serve as a base for exploring the surrounding area with some great spots for hiking and rock climbing.

Getting to Benidorm from Alicante Airport

Here you will need to think about how big your group is, how independent you want to be during your stay and how much money you want to spend.

Getting from Alicante Airport to Benidorm by bus

There is a regular bus service with the ALSA bus company which takes just under an hour from Alicante Airport to Benidorm. It costs €9.45 Euros each way and tickets can be purchased directly from the driver. Children aged 3 and under don’t pay, while children aged 4-12 get a 30% discount. Disabled passengers get a 15% discount. From arrivals at Alicante Airport go to the Departure floor (Level 2). There are buses leaving every hour on the hour from 8am to 5pm, and then every 2 hours with the last bus at 11pm). At the exit at the end of the terminal building you will see bus stops for buses to local destinations (including Benidorm, Torrevieja and others). Don’t get confused by the other bus terminal (which is on the arrivals floor) which is for tour company buses. Here is a schedule:

Alicante Airport  Benidorm   Benidorm  Alicante Airport
08:00 08:45 07:00 07:50
09:00 09:50 08:00 09:00
10:00 10:50 09:00 09:55
11:00 11:50 10:00 11:00
12:00 12:50 11:00 12:00
13:00 13:50 12:00 12:55
14:00 14:45 13:00 14:00
15:00 15:50 14:00 15:00
16:00 16:50 15:00 16:00
17:00 17:45 16:00 16:55
19:00 19:50 18:00 19:00
21:00 21:50 20:00 20:55
23:00 23:50 22:00 23:00

Hiring a Car from Alicante Airport to Benidorm

If you have a larger group or want to be more independent during your stay, then hiring a car could well be the best option. There are plenty of car hire companies at Alicante Airport and some of the best offers are from companies that are not located in the terminal building but a 5-10 minute shuttle bus ride away. If you want to compare offers, look at our search engine on the right of this page. The journey is around an hour.

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