How to Cancel my Hire Car with Alicante Airport Guide

When booking a hire car, you might be wondering – what if I need to cancel?  Will I run into problems and lose my money?

Cars booked through will usually offer free cancellation, this usually applies until 1 day before the day you would pick up the car.

So, how does it work?  And will you get a full refund?

How to Cancel car hire with Alicante

2 Easy Steps

1 – Go back to the email that you received with your booking confirmation and click “Manage Your Booking”

2 – Then select either “Cancel booking” and/or “Cancel insurance”

You will then get an email confirming your cancellation and you will receive a full refund if applicable (see details below)

Cancellation terms guide

As a client of you should check the exact wording of the car hire offer that you select.  That being said, most policies have very similar provisions, so here is a guide to a typical cancellation policy:

When you book through and decide to cancel, you are personally responsible for cancelling the booking and/or any excess insurance you may have ordered.

If you cancel within 48 hours of making the booking then you will receive a full refund.  Of course, this doesn’t apply if you booked less than 48 hours before your pick up.  If you booked less than 24 hours before the pickup, then a cancellation fee will usually apply.

A full cancellation refund is usually available until 24 hours before your pick up.  Of course, this depends on the car hire deal that you selected.  Usually the car hire deals with show ‘free cancellation’ as one of the features.

If you don’t remember the terms of your car hire cancellation policy then don’t worry you can look at your booking online and read through the cancellation policy.  In cases where there is no free cancellation then an admin charge of around €20 would usually be payable.

If you cancel your booking with less than 24 hours’ notice then you will receive your refund but a cancellation fee will be deducted of around €50 for prepaid bookings.  Of course, if you got a really cheap deal and your online payment was less than €50 then no refund will apply.

Because you booked online you should also cancel online.  If you do decide to cancel at the car hire desk then you will also need to cancel online too.


What If I Just Don’t Turn Up?

In the business this is called a “no show” – the person didn’t cancel their booking and doesn’t show up at the booked date and time.  Naturally, no refunds are given for a “no show”.  Bear in mind that you must bring correct documentation as well as a credit card with sufficient funds to cover the excess.  If you don’t then no refund will be given and the hire company will view this as a “no show”.

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