Sin Barreras

All European airports are obliged to provide services to disabled passengers.  The acronym to look out for is “PRM” which refers to Passengers with Reduced Mobility.  In Alicante Airport you will see signs saying “Sin Barreras” which indicates help points for passengers that need assistance.

Sin Barreras

Symbol for Disabled Assistance at Alicante Airport

When booking your flight you should let your airline know that you will require assistance, they can then communicate this to the airport.  Beware that there is officially a 48 hour advance notice requirement, so if you’re booking a last minute flight, make sure that you bear this in mind to ensure that the airline has time to communicate your needs to the airport.

There are a number of meeting points located throughout the airport, to receive assistance you would go the relevant meeting point and use the intercom system to request help.  One of the airline staff members will accompany you all the way from there, through check-in and security to the plane.  You should ensure that you arrive plenty of time in advance (2 hours at least).  Bear in mind that friends and family (as normal) if not flying, would only be able to accompany you as far as security.

To get more information you can use one of the following numbers:

902 404 704 (from Spain)

+34 91 321 1000 (international)


PRM Codes

European airports and ‘Sin Barreras’ use abbreviations for various disabilities.

PRM Passenger with reduced mobility
WCHC Passengers are not self-sufficient and are entirely immobile
They require help to their seats and complete personal assistance
When the flight time is longer than three hours they need a travel companion
They need help in the terminal between arrival and departure points
WCHS Passengers who are self-sufficient once on the aeroplane
They need help from the terminal to the aircraft and boarding
They need help in the terminal between arrival and departure points
WCHR Passengers who can board walk up steps and move freely by themselves on the aeroplane
They need help getting from the terminal to the aeroplane
They need help in the terminal between arrival and departure points
BLND Visual disabilities
DEAF Deaf passengers
DEAF/BLIND Blind and deaf person who can only move about with the aid of an accompanying person
DPNA Manual powered wheelchair transported by passenger
WCMP Disabled person requiring assistance
WCBD Dry Cell Battery Wheelchair transported by passenger which may need (dis) assembly
WCBW Wet Cell Battery wheelchair transported by passenger which may need (dis) assembly



Guide dogs

If you have a guide/assistance dog then you will be allowed to board the plane without any additional charge.  Of course, you would need to mention this to the airline when booking and the dog should have a lead, collar and muzzle.  If the dog travels in the cabin, it would need to stay in the position indicated by the crew.

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