EU Cabin Regulations


There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and being told that your hand luggage is larger than allowed.  This can lead to frantic repacking, delays and frayed tempers.  How can you avoid this?  Make sure that you check your airlines cabin bag rules before packing.  Here are some general guidelines that apply across airlines.

Cabin Baggage

All flights departing from airports in the European Union EU must meet the same security regulations for hand luggage. As you’d expect, your bags will be inspected before boarding.


We have all got used to those annoying polythene bags for any containers with liquids in.  Remember that liquids should be in a container no larger than 100ml in capacity.   They must then be packed into 1 polythene bag and it should be possible to completely close it.

Remember that the same rules apply to gels and lotions too!  So this covers most toiletry products.

Exceptions, Baby food and milk and medicines

If you are travelling with a small child then you are allowed to carry water, formula milk in liquid or powder form and baby food as required for your flight. It is permitted to exceed the limit on liquids.  You may be asked to show that they are edible by tasting them (which is not that much fun!).  Remember that this applies to the food and drink you would need for the flight, not for the holiday.  The rest should be packed in your hold luggage.

If you have prescription medicine and a prescription then you are allowed to exceed the limits.

Duty Free Goods

Of course, airlines allow their duty free items to be brought onto the aeroplane.  But this should have been purchased after security and you should keep your receipt.

Electronic devices & Clothing

Any electronics like phones and tablets should be placed on a tray separate from your other hand luggage.   Any clothing with metal should also be placed on a tray so that it can be scanned.

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