Baggage allowance

Avoid being penalized for breach of baggage regulations

The only way to avoid fines is by keeping safely within your airline’s baggage carriage regulations.

As you get your things together for your trip, packing can become a test of endurance and resourcefulness. However a higher price could be the cost of ignorance which will affect your holiday and happiness.

During booking there are timely reminders about baggage restrictions from your airline. Airlines increasingly penalize those who stretch, bend or break the rules. Overweight or oversized baggage is now seen by some airlines as a highly profitable source of revenue.

Cabin Baggage/Hand luggage

Check your airline’s baggage regulations. Regulations are constantly changing year on year so it is always useful to skim read these regulations afresh.

Many airlines now have a strict one-piece of hand luggage rule while some will tolerate a separate handbag or laptop bag.

If you are unsure of the size or weight of cabin luggage then before going through security, check at the Bag Drop desk.

Below are regulations from three popular airline’s at Alicante Airport.

Passenger cabin bag allowance

EasyJet – Summer 2015

  • ONE cabin bag, max size 56 x 45 x 25cm. No weight restriction. The bag is ok if you can put it into the overhead locker without help.
  • Customers who purchase services for: Upfront, Extra Legroom, FLEXI fare or easyJet Plus are permitted ONE additional under seat bag, Max size 45 x 36 x 20cm, such as a handbag or Laptop extra to their cabin bag.
  • Further to cabin allowance you’re permitted: an overcoat, shawl, umbrella, crutches, walking frame/stick, one standard size bag of duty free goods from departures.
  • Oversized cabin baggage is placed in the hold for a fee of £45/€55. If you checked it in yourself earlier it would cost £30/€40.

RyanAir – Summer 2015

  • One cabin bag, max size 55 x 40 x 20cm, plus 1 small bag max size 35 x 20 x 20 cm. Max weight 10kg
  • No cabin bag for infants under 23 months. An accompanying adult may carry a baby bag, max 5kg, in addition to their cabin bag allowance.
  • Oversized cabin baggage, placed in the hold for a fee of £50/€50 (fee subject to VAT)

Air Berlin – Summer 2015

  • A single item of cabin baggage may not exceed 8kg (10kg with laptop) max 55 x 40 x 23cm.
  • A handbag or laptop can be taken extra free of charge. Max 2 kg, 40 x 30 x 10cm,
  • Only FlyFlex and Business Class passengers can carry a second item of hand baggage. Also including holders of ‘topbonus Gold’ or ‘Platinum Cards’.
  • If a passenger is dependent on a wheelchair, crutches, walking aids, other prostheses or a doctor’s bag, these are permitted.
  • Oversized cabin baggage, placed in the hold for a fee of between €30 – €65

Hold luggage/Check-in luggage

As with cabin baggage every airline’s limits vary. Check you airline before you fly or your travel agent if you have booked through them.

Like with Cabin baggage it’s best to weigh your bag before leaving for the airport. If you haven’t, as a last resort use an unattended check-in desk.

Don’t be tempted break the rules. If you’re struggling to fit everything into cabin luggage and are a couple of kg’s over you will be charged to put it in the hold at a much higher rate than if you had checked it in.

For example you would be charged £50/€50 by Ryanair for this. Their online check in price is £25/€25

Hold luggage allowance

EasyJet – Summer 2015

  • Hold luggage total size has to be under 275cm (add height + length + width) weight limit 20kg per bag.
  • Each passenger is allowed to purchase up to three pieces of hold luggage. One piece costs:
    • online or by phone between £12/€16 – £22/€29 per bag per flight depending on the route
    • At the airport bag drop £32/€40
    • At the boarding gate £45/€55
  • At the airport you will be charged for each kg over 20kg up to the max 32kg. £10/€13 for 1kg
    It’s possible to buy additional weight before the preflight time limit up to the max 32kg. £9/€12 for 3kg

RyanAir – Summer 2015

  • Hold luggage size under combined dimensions; 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). weight limits of 15kg or 20kg (Max combined 35kg) This weight does not apply for mobility equipment.
  • Each passenger is allowed to purchase up to two pieces of hold luggage, 15kg or 20kg bags with combined max weight of 35kg. If purchased after the initial booking you will be charged a higher rate. From time to time fees may vary.
    • One piece costs on initial booking costs:
      • 15kg – £25/€25
      • 20kg – £35/€35
    • By phone or at the airport bag drop £45/€45
    • At the boarding gate £50/€50
    • Airport check-in is Free for Business Plus
  • At the airport you will be charged for each kg over you’re the bags limit, up to the max 32kg. This will be the rate prevailing on the day of travel which is currently £10/€10 for 1kg
  • Items that can be carried free of charge are: One collapsible pushchair, double pushchair, travel system, baby sling per child, plus one of the following items: car seat or booster seat or travel cot.
  • Mobility equipment is also without charge.

Air Berlin – Summer 2015

  • One piece of hold luggage for the EU is to be within reasonable size limits as decided by Air Berlin. The weight limit is 23kg per bag.
  • For all flyers of Air berlin except JustFly, one bag up to 23kg is free of charge!
  • Each flyer can potentially take up to five pieces of hold luggage although this is very expensive.
  • JustFly has no free baggage but can reserve before the preflight time limit 23kg for €15 or 23-32kg for €65 short haul. Consecutive pieces are 23kg for €70 short haul.
  • All other Air Berlin flyers who have their first bag free of charge will pay at 23kg for €70 for consecutive pieces short haul.

At the airport you will most likely be charged for being over your bags weight limit but the air Berlin website doesn’t clearly state what this charge will be, likely it will be up to €65.

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